Personalized Coaching

Our coaching cadre has vast experience in developing, delivering, and scoring assessment centers. This is a customized, one-on-one training package that is all-inclusive. Learn directly from a personal session with one of our chiefs, each of whom has over 30 years of fire service experience, and are experts in assessment centers.

First, we will conduct a personal profile that breaks down your individual strengths and weaknesses. This includes research into your fire department culture, standard operating guidelines, policies and job descriptions. We evaluate you before the coaching session begins to give you the most tailored program that is custom fit to your personality, agency, and aspired rank. This allows us to focus on your weaknesses and blind spots, so you are totally ready for the promotional process.

We will have you perform a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). A SWOT analysis provides a roadmap from which to plot your path to promotion and the top of the list. In addition, we will have you complete a resume and cover letter. This allows us to better understand you, your communication and leadership styles, and how to best approach your coaching. We help you overcome personal baggage, past tests, recliner snipers, internal issues in the FD, and distractions of all kinds. Finally, we will help you make the mental paradigm shift to the officer position, whether company or chief officer. This will give you the confidence for the process AND the job!

Personalized sessions can include any of the following exercises:

Personalized Just for You

Based upon our homework and profile, we then tailor a 4-hour session to fit you.

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