Mastering Fireground Command – Calm the Chaos!: Now Online

Mastering Fireground Command – Calm the Chaos!: Now Online

This workshop is based on our best-selling Fire Engineering video series by the same name, now for the first time available online.

Command and tactical training is critical to modern officer development.  Today’s officers must be excellent leaders and exceptional tacticians.  With changes in building construction, tactics, and the latest UL studies regarding fire behavior, modern fireground operations are more complex than ever.

Today’s fireground should be a calm and orchestrated event, but often it is not.  Diversified mission, mass attrition, and little or no command training have created an era in today’s fire service where the simple “bread and butter” house fire is a sentinel event.

The NIOSH top 5 line of duty death causal factors on the fireground surround size up, command, communications, accountability, and SOG’s.

Students will participate in interactive simulations for fires in modern and legacy homes, garden/center hall apartments, commercial, assembly, strip mall, taxpayer, vegetation fires and MCI and Hazmat incidents.

Also includes 100 Sims Sets and Reps Course!

Review of countless command post incident video and audio to get answers to the following questions…

  • How do we ensure in-house ICS/NIMS-compliant command and tactical training?
  • How do we create consistency among all agencies/divisions, shifts, and battalions while developing new and aspiring officers?
  • How do we ensure rapid size up and victim profiling is done consistently
  • How do we teach new and incumbent officers to set clear tactical objectives, have clear communications and establish command presence on our fires? 
  • How do we ensure lessons from the past permeate down into a simple, street-smart, and effective way?
  • How do we apply the latest civilian victim profiling SIGNAL method and risk management to the modern fireground?
  • How do we keep the NIOSH 5 LODD operational factors from coming into alignment?
  • How do we really use ICS day-to-day and for greater accountability and communications?  
  • How do RECEO-VS and SLICE-RS work together?
  • What do factors in modern construction and fire behavior mean to tactics and command?
  • What are the implications of the latest UL and NIST studies regarding flow path? 

This intense, and interactive workshop hits these issues head on and will simplify the components of tactics & strategy, SOG’s, and ICS.

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