Simulations 100+ Sets and Reps, Train the Trainer


Train Firefighters, Simulations 100+ Sets and Reps, Train the Trainer Course

As a Mastering Fireground Command – Calm the Chaos instructor for your agency or region, you are given the following Simulations – 100+ Sets and Reps course for free. This course has a $195 value and your discount code gives you free access. The intent is for you to utilize this training to augment your instruction by utilizing these simulations for your students. It is unique to your cadre. The code is only meant for you and will be changed for each region/workshop/agency. Regardless, please do not share your code. 

Simulations - 100+ Sets & Reps Course

The Fire Sim Lab – Sets and Reps is designed to give the student more practice in the emergency operations dimension. The prerequisite is the online Mastering the Fire Service Assessment Center workshop. Completing the online workshop will give the student the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to gain the most out of the sets and reps course. Without the prerequisite training, the student may develop bad habits. 
The Fire Sim Lab – Sets and Reps course is comprised of 16 different categories of building fires/incident types, totaling over 100 simulations. Each has the appropriate tactical worksheet and an after action-report for recommended best practices. There is no substitute for good training, and no short cuts. The objective of the sets and reps course is to build upon prerequisite training to hone and master command and tactical decision making both for the test and the real world, where training meets the street. 
This program uses Sims-U-Share simulation software, specially designed for this curriculum. Each after-action reports breaks down the 5 key components of a simulation/incident: Dispatch/en route, arrival, lap, operations, and transfer of command. This includes a breakdown of the FPODP size up method and IOCAN arrival report. Then the key components of tactical decision making and command transfer are elaborated upon using Chief Kastros’ SAWCSSRECEOVSS method.

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